Hand made pochade boxes for pastel painting

Minimalist Painting gear to take with you wherever you go. My little pochade boxes are hand made to last in my woodworking shop from the best quality materials. They came about from a personal need to have my pastels on hand whenever I was out and about and a moment of inspiration confronted me.
I didn't want to be carrying around a shed load of paraphenalia that takes time to set up, I just wanted a simple box/easel that I could either carry in a small shoulder bag or with straps, carry over my shoulder and open up to paint in an instant in-situ.


The first prototype on my home made table saw

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As you can see, the box is very compact and is shown with a Unison padded box for 18 pastels which I have filled with half stick from the Unison 36 Landscape selection which is a great starting point for wandering around the countryside.
A similar box with the Michelle Lucking beach set could be a quick replacement for a visit to the coast.

My design incorporates friction hinges to hold the lid firmly open at whatever position is most comfortable. A threaded bolt is fitted to the rear of the box in the pastel pencil / charcoal storage compartment to quickly attach the box to a collapsible camera tripod.

I am experimenting with an alternative solution to holding the lid open though as the friction hinges are quite bulky and require fitting with bolts. They are also very expensive and my objective is to make these boxes as affordably as possible.

The lid is held closed using recessed neodymium magnets which are super strong, but not to the point that the lid would be too hard to open.

When I have perfected these little boxes, I shall make them available to other artists with sensible pricing. If you are a pastel artist and are looking for something like this, let me know using my contact form.

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